Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I See You Joezy! Waddap Tho!

Wuddup world! BlackBox...ya very best of friends is here with ya. I'm actually bloggin from my car...I have this crazy setup man, where I'm using my phone to connect to my laptop, wirelessly. I'm a nerd @ heart...and I LIKE IT. Nothin wrong with being savvy or technology adept in any way. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (FOR REAL). Anyway, I just wanted to update the world on what I have been up to.

I got a call from my patna Mr. Joezy Wellz aka The Talk Of The Town that he is going to lace a track with none other than San Quinn. He's a real big artist up in Northern California, and of course, they are gonna lace it up with one of those special BLACKBOX trizziez (please...please...no applause...its my off day j/k). So if San Quinn is peepin this, bra I appreciate it, and of course, Joezy...u already kno what it is ma dude. Every time I'm in Sac, ma dude and the whole familia treat me like I am a lost relative lol.

What else...man I busted my damn midi keyboard man, I made so many damn tracks on it, but I knew it was only a matter of time. I low key want to make an attempt at fixing it, but I don't know, I might let it go to the keyboard graveyard. I SURE did beat the hell out of it though...but maybe its time for a change.

Oh yea!!! I am putting together footage of me, beatman and docsavage together so you can check us out man doin what we do best! SLAPPIN like a old man with weak kneecaps. Oooowww. Stay tuned for that...I'm sure its gonna suprise ya.

Also, sheesh...I need to figure out how to get more people reading this crap lmao. It's coo right now...I need to build it up neway.

Iight Ima get off before my laptop shuts down...I need to get home neway :)

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