Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I See You Joezy! Waddap Tho!

Wuddup world! BlackBox...ya very best of friends is here with ya. I'm actually bloggin from my car...I have this crazy setup man, where I'm using my phone to connect to my laptop, wirelessly. I'm a nerd @ heart...and I LIKE IT. Nothin wrong with being savvy or technology adept in any way. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (FOR REAL). Anyway, I just wanted to update the world on what I have been up to.

I got a call from my patna Mr. Joezy Wellz aka The Talk Of The Town that he is going to lace a track with none other than San Quinn. He's a real big artist up in Northern California, and of course, they are gonna lace it up with one of those special BLACKBOX trizziez (please...please...no applause...its my off day j/k). So if San Quinn is peepin this, bra I appreciate it, and of course, Joezy...u already kno what it is ma dude. Every time I'm in Sac, ma dude and the whole familia treat me like I am a lost relative lol.

What else...man I busted my damn midi keyboard man, I made so many damn tracks on it, but I knew it was only a matter of time. I low key want to make an attempt at fixing it, but I don't know, I might let it go to the keyboard graveyard. I SURE did beat the hell out of it though...but maybe its time for a change.

Oh yea!!! I am putting together footage of me, beatman and docsavage together so you can check us out man doin what we do best! SLAPPIN like a old man with weak kneecaps. Oooowww. Stay tuned for that...I'm sure its gonna suprise ya.

Also, sheesh...I need to figure out how to get more people reading this crap lmao. It's coo right now...I need to build it up neway.

Iight Ima get off before my laptop shuts down...I need to get home neway :)

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Lmao if I was this kid I would have a face mask on too...SMFH...ROFL.

I'm gonna really try to use this for a while lmao.

So I shook to the stizzy for a minute and returned this 4 gigs of memory, because it was over capacity for my computer (I was trying to stuff it with 8 gigs and I couldn't...sucks). Got my money and went to best buy and was going to buy some over priced ipod that I know I didn't need, but somehow I convinced myself that I didn't need it and I picked up this 4 gig deally that I am actually impressed with:
It was 80 bucks and its so small. It's cool for me so when I am around, I can listen to different stuff that is going on in the world. I don't really ever listen to music...ima test it out and see how it goes.

Ill probably keep it on the randomized setting so I can check out these cd's I have been scooping up...oh yea...I've been getting a lot of cd's I'm grinding real heavy right now, just trying to open my mind about different variations of stuff...I'm interested in music from other regions, might as well see what is going on out there! Check it out!:

So I'm doin the damn thing! I hope you are too! Hit me up on twitter!
-I'm Out!


Yo wuddap. I'm over here hecka tired and all that. Blogging because I said I was going to try and stick with it :). Anyway, today was cool, talked to the folks (folks being beatman and docsavage). We were trying to update each other with what we have been up to and everything. I got a call today that a track I did made the cut, and apparently that is a very good thing. So I had to track the file out and send it over to Detroit. I was kinda paranoid because the crap would not render! I was trying to call both of them and no friggin body would pick up their phones. I was so frustrated, and then it was the most simple thing I had to do. Sometimes rendering tracks is so time consuming...because it takes time to upload. I mean the file I sent out was over 200mb and I compressed it to 80mb, and it still took 45 minutes to upload.

I'm supposed to hear back from that situation pretty soon. Let's see what happens! (But damn...I was so frustrated, I almost walked out of the room...lawd have mercy!)

I'm gonna go pick up some stuff from the store, I'm sure ill have an update for ya.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Got Some Emails...

Checked my email out, saw that some artist emailed me some of the work they did to some of the tracks I produced for them. Check em out...I will be updating as I get them!


M.O.E ft. Smigg Dirtee_ Nome Nommad
Download Here:

50 Really Is Keepin It REAL Hear Folks

This is a blunt representation of the plight of being an artist...It's real...I hear stories like this every day...


Yo folks, so its blackbox, I'm back in the building with some updates. I went to a crazy smooth music business seminar on my campus yesterday, Cal State Northridge (waddap CSUN! I See U!) with my bra beatman and my lady. I didn't think it was gonna be legit...but damn....it was a NICE ass panel of people like Brian Kennedy (Grammy Award Winning Producer), Ernie Singleton (former head of MCA Records) and others (if you didn't notice...those are people who are interested in helping people...especially Mr. Singleton...check em out. Anyway I came out with a whole slew of contacts, because I guess me and beatman were really the only producers that were @ the event! Talk about good timing.

What I do find dissapointing however, is that I never found out anything about the event when it was apparently announced a WHILE ago. I am even looking on the school student union website as I am typing this and there wasn't anything there...that's pretty dissapointing.

One thing I think I should share to the readers about this experience was something one of the gentlemen said, he basically said...take advantage of your situation. Especially for those of you who are like me, and live in California...take advantage of the resources you have. We have many opportunities, as artists, and producers to communicate with more artist than most because most people fly out here frequently to record at our studio's...so make yourself noticable, and you will gain the attention you are looking for...if you don't show up, how are they going to know you are there...

But also...

If you do come...please...please...come correct. :)

-I'm Out!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

3 Stars...1 Corporation

Wussuperz Folks. Welcome to the blog spizzy. First of all, we're futuristic...so if some of the words we say are on some flotatious vibes, then just bear with us...you'll catch on lol. So yea, we decided to make this blog, to get a little word out to our fans about what we are up to, and all that...nothin too serious...we don't really blog...we don't really seem to find the time to do stuff like this...but bare with us...we are gonna see what we can do aiight! Aiight...So...Where do we start?


The quickest way to put this together is we, Beatman, DocSavage, and Blackbox all met at around the same time (really...beatman and doc sav went to highschool together out in Vallejo (Northern California for you out of touch people), and beatman ran into blackbox, from Southern California, in college...they both go to CSUN (yes...college is a MUST). We decided to come together and after various names, came up with The Corporation...musically talented....business minded....

On here, you will learn more about us, what we do musically, music we produced (artist wise) and maybe we will shoot out some tips on how to fine tune your music (for the aspiring producers) and other stuff. We're gonna freestyle it yadig.

So...in synopsis...we are The Corporation and we have slaps...we're all family...we're cool as beach breeze....and we go quite hard ;D. Holla @ us wheneva its cleva.

-The Corporation