Friday, June 26, 2009

You Already Know...My Idol Is GONE...and I hope YOU are not the reason why...


Okay...I am not going to be long winded with this, but I have a few things to say about the passing of my Idol...Michael Jackson. One, I cannot believe this is soon. I used to tell everyone that beyond the passing of my mom, dad, grandmother, etc, Michael Jackson, would be right up there with them. He is the only person I would be interested in going to a concert for. Ever since I was 4 years old, my aunts told me how I used to sing "Man In The Mirror", in the mirror everytime it played. I was doing the moonwalk with my friends in the hallways of my school in my highschool, I wore one of my church usher gloves down the hallways (even though they weren't studded), just because, it was like Mike...I never met him, but I feel like I lost apart of myself...

I know there is a lot of opinion surrounding the life of the King, and I feel most of it was bullshit. I am going to go as far as saying Michael Jackson could have lived a long, happy life, but he wasn't happy, and it was 1. Because of the media...and 2. The people that believed the media...and if you are one of those guilt participants...yes...then I am talking to YOU. Michael Jackson, if you did not notice, had a child spirit...he was almost innocent in my opinion. People were constantly trying to take advantage of him because he seemed so oblivious and I HATE the people who did this to him...yes...HATE the people who did this. Whether it be those of all social and ethnic backgrounds...He was a damn legend, and the overwhelming majority of the negativity that was spewed was in the pursuit of a green from me to you...if you are the guilty person...Fuck You...You Killed Michael...

I hate the music industry folks who banned his music in the states, saying his album(s) flopped when they went platinum in every other country in the world. I Hate You too...because now you are going to make money off of his passing with "Greatest Hit's Albums"...I Hate You. I am saddened by the stress he must have constantly felt when people looked at him and said "wacko jacko" guys should be ASHAMED.

I can go on and on, but to sum it up, ever since I was a little kid, anything unreasonably negative said about M.J. I took it just as seriously as if he were my brother, and I miss him just the same. I actually teared up when I heard the news. I will forever be saddened by his untimely death and he will never never never be forgotten. I miss you M.J...the gone, and I truly believe I will have a chip on my shoulder for the rest of my life towards those who disrespected him, because it really shows the truly disgusting and unfortunately, familiar face of human nature......I'm ashamed. whole family misses you. Thank you for your inspiration, influence on other artist, talent, stage presence, style, and innocence. There will be none closer to you in influence for at least the next 100 years, and you will be remembered until the end of

I'm out


I miss you M.J. Rest In Peace...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Irv Gotti Keeping It.....REAL.

Hey wussup folks, this is blackbox here. I was at the office and browsing for some watching material, and I stumbled on to this from MTV with him discussing the claim that Eminem was the greatest rapper alive...I kind of used to think of Irv Gotti as a questionable character; however, I must say that his analysis of Eminem...brings up VERY VERY good points...PROPS.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BREAKING: Max B Found Guilty In 2006 Murder Case,

BREAKING: Max B Found Guilty In 2006 Murder Case, "[He] Took His Verdict Like A Man" |

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Former Byrd Gang associate Charles "Max B" Wingate has reportedly been found guilty on multiple felony murder conspiracy charges stemming from a fatal 2006 robbery.

While details are still scarce, the rapper has reportedly been detained by police after being read a guilty verdict Tuesday (June 9) morning.

Max B's verdict was announced just moments ago in the Bergen County Court House. He along with his brother were found guilty of 9 out of 11 counts. Max B was detained immediately. His sentencing date is set for July 30, 2009. Witnesses state Max B kept his head up and "took his verdict like a man". He did not break down once and remained strong through the entire verdict. His attorney plans to appeal the verdict. (Hip Hop Stan)

Max previously spoke on his legal case and prepared for his trial earlier this year.

"I'm just gonna leave it up to God and my lawyer Gerald Saluti, you know," he said in an interview. "Everything will work out. I'm just gonna let him do his job. I'm here on time. I'm at every court appearance, you know, I'm just here. People stay strong for me. Keep the support up." (Max B TV)

It was Max' former girlfriend who accepted a plea deal and implicated him in a fatal robbery.

Gina Conway and two others were charged with murder after a botched robbery at the Holiday Inn on Route 4 ended in the shooting death of one of the victims in September 2006. Conway met David Taylor and Allan "Jay" Plowden and told her boyfriend that the two men drove flashy cars and carried a lot of cash. The boyfriend, Charly "Max B" Wingate then recruited an associate to rob Taylor and Plowden, prosecutors said. (North Jersey News)

Max's laywer, Gerald Saluti, previously spoke with SOHH about Max's trial.

"It doesn't hurt his case in the least bit. You're talking about a person facing anywhere from 30 years to life basically attempting to snitch against Max and Kelvin Leerdam," Saluti said. "It is our position that Max B will be completely vindicated after the trial, which I think will be starting in April -- I relish the opportunity to cross examine Gina Conway." (SOHH)


keep it wavy max b! we're rootin for ya!...or at least blackbox is :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Found this...A Few Folks In Israel Seem To Have An "Obama Problem"

Wussup! This is blackbox here. I can't say I am a big fan of Obama, nor any of the other presidents...I am very opinionated on this idea of instead of me expressing mine, I will say that those folks out there...though drunk are...extremely stupid. People tend to make excuses...blaming their behavior on their consumption; however, what it really is, is that PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO ANYWAY...EASIER. Interested in your opinion(s):

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