Friday, March 27, 2009


Yo folks, so its blackbox, I'm back in the building with some updates. I went to a crazy smooth music business seminar on my campus yesterday, Cal State Northridge (waddap CSUN! I See U!) with my bra beatman and my lady. I didn't think it was gonna be legit...but was a NICE ass panel of people like Brian Kennedy (Grammy Award Winning Producer), Ernie Singleton (former head of MCA Records) and others (if you didn't notice...those are people who are interested in helping people...especially Mr. Singleton...check em out. Anyway I came out with a whole slew of contacts, because I guess me and beatman were really the only producers that were @ the event! Talk about good timing.

What I do find dissapointing however, is that I never found out anything about the event when it was apparently announced a WHILE ago. I am even looking on the school student union website as I am typing this and there wasn't anything there...that's pretty dissapointing.

One thing I think I should share to the readers about this experience was something one of the gentlemen said, he basically said...take advantage of your situation. Especially for those of you who are like me, and live in California...take advantage of the resources you have. We have many opportunities, as artists, and producers to communicate with more artist than most because most people fly out here frequently to record at our studio' make yourself noticable, and you will gain the attention you are looking for...if you don't show up, how are they going to know you are there...

But also...

If you do come...please...please...come correct. :)

-I'm Out!
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