Monday, March 23, 2009

3 Stars...1 Corporation

Wussuperz Folks. Welcome to the blog spizzy. First of all, we're if some of the words we say are on some flotatious vibes, then just bear with'll catch on lol. So yea, we decided to make this blog, to get a little word out to our fans about what we are up to, and all that...nothin too serious...we don't really blog...we don't really seem to find the time to do stuff like this...but bare with us...we are gonna see what we can do aiight! Aiight...So...Where do we start?


The quickest way to put this together is we, Beatman, DocSavage, and Blackbox all met at around the same time (really...beatman and doc sav went to highschool together out in Vallejo (Northern California for you out of touch people), and beatman ran into blackbox, from Southern California, in college...they both go to CSUN ( is a MUST). We decided to come together and after various names, came up with The Corporation...musically minded....

On here, you will learn more about us, what we do musically, music we produced (artist wise) and maybe we will shoot out some tips on how to fine tune your music (for the aspiring producers) and other stuff. We're gonna freestyle it yadig. synopsis...we are The Corporation and we have slaps...we're all family...we're cool as beach breeze....and we go quite hard ;D. Holla @ us wheneva its cleva.

-The Corporation

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