Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waddap! What You Know Bout BOOTLEG???

Wussup folks. Back in the building. This is ya dude Blackbox. Summer is officially here for us Cal State College folks. It's a beautiful thing right now hahaha. Finals were alright. Me and Beatman had this B*t$h of a professor this semester man *middle finger at that sukka FOREAL* and I don't know how well I did in that class (or did I mean to bad :/) Neway, we have been working on some new things, linking up with new artist. We are going to be doing a few mixtapes and really getting work done. A few very interesting things have been coming up. We were supposed to meet up with some of our people who were supposed to be flying out a few weeks ago, but there was a delay because one of the artist got signed and now they are filming a video out in Florida (Big Ups On That Folk!). I personally plan on making a few trips up north and hopefully I can get to Detroit too to check out some things that are happening out there as well.

On a funny note, my dude Beatman came out to my city and he was frustrated because the ipod mini that he was trying to help get working for the lady, he felt, was acting a little funny...u know why? Because it was BOOTLEG!!! Now don't get me wrong, I do not mind the idea of bootleged stuff. I say stick it to the big guys...but THIS RIGHT HERE...was outa hand haha peep the video!

Gotta bounce! But ill be the way I saw this WACK movie with my friend...that new Waynes brother flick or something like that...not worth the money SMH...come on now family...that was an embarrassing movie man. Iight folks! Hit me up on twitter!

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