Friday, May 1, 2009

My Bad

Wussup folks! This is blackbox here I was supposed to be updating this thing regularly...but I have good reason(s) for why I couldn't...mainly...hella homework and homework:
1. I don't like
2. Makes me tired :)

Lotta stuff I been up to, one thing I will mention is that I made some purchases over the last few weeks to step my gear game the way...I don't use the word swag...its played out and needs to be buried...deep. Anyway, peep the scene while I listen to my big homie's podcase @

So I went out on the town and copped these hats:
I think they are pretty clean. One is like a patent leather fitted from alife that is super crazy. I copped supreme hat (the one with the S's) and the other two are TAKEOUT. Apparently they are exclusives through New Era...either way, I copped every hat I saw, just because I didn't want anyone else to cop em lol. Check out a few more close ups:


I was please with my little purchase. Put a smile on my face...and its nice to smile every now and this :D haha. What yall think??? Holla @ me on the twitter!


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