Friday, May 1, 2009

Uhh...Did more shopping... DOPE STYLE bought more stuff. Went over to my homie's boutique out in Ventura County, CA, specifically near Oxnard named The Goods Life (super grinder...21 years old...doin it BIG...don't get a big *pause* head *pause* Teo lol) But yea that's my homie man, and here is some of the stuff I copped and some pics of his shop!

So I went in to the spot and we were taking for a little while, and before he closed, I got hooked up with an IMKING windbreaker in tiffany blue and a nice ass belt from DIAMONDSUPPLYCO (I love the belt man...4 real). Check out the pics!

I like both of the items. The windbreaker is stupid nice. It kinda gets dirty easy, and I'm a paraniod dude, so I think I am going to handwash it, but the look is crucial. Hit my man up to cop it. The Diamondsupply is my shit. Its about $45...ur slippin if you don't get that rocking it as we speak.

Hit my man's shop up and show love...tell em blackbox sent is the info:
The Goods Life
245 E Channel Islands Blvd
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
(805) 985-3592
*On anothe note*...this dude has one of the freshest clothing lines coming out in the states and world wide...seriously. Check out the myspace...DOPE STYLE is where it is at. This isin't a plug...this is just the damn truth...peep it here at DOPE STYLE CLOTHING

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