Thursday, July 9, 2009


Whats good ya'll! so i know i am a little late on this, but if you didn't already know, twista has a newer song out entitled "I Can Make You Say". This song is a mid tempo banger that features prince in a sample heard frequently through out the tune. Since the song leaked, many people are quick to say the song is a Chicago collab starring Twista and produced by Kanye West.
BUT it really is a slap Doc Savage sold to Twista (GMG Entertainment)for his upcoming album. Sources have said that since the prince sample could not be cleared, the song has been used on a mixtape to promote the upcoming album.....(Problem. Doc Savage was not notified about this). The contract basically stated that Doc Savage would get 1 pt on the album, production credits, and $1200. Mr. Savage received his money at least six months ago, but was not notified about the mix up with the song not being cleared. As a businessman myself, I would say that is unacceptable and would likely do some things about that but Doc seems to be satisfied with his money, so what can I do. But just so you know who's music it really is that you like. Doc Savage made that beat. We may make a video about this situation soon enough seeing how we have the beat on Fruity Loops and the contract, but i figured i would throw this up for now. Whether Kanye was involved in taking credit or not I don't know but if it were me, I would clear it up quick to avoid getting a bad rep.




Agreement made and entered into as of the____ day of July, 2008, by and between GMG
Entertainment, LLC (herein .Company.), c/o D. Harley, P.C. located at 303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1107,
New York, NY 10016 Attn: Duane Harley, Esq. -and- Brandon -------p/k/a .Doc Savage. (herein
"You" or .Producer.) c/o Randal Neal Cohen located at 12100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1250, Los
Angeles, CA 90025.

WHEREAS, the Company desires to engage Producer, on a non-exclusive basis to Company,
and Producer desires to accept such engagement;

WHEREAS, Company may, at Company.s election, utilize the services of other producers in
connection with recordings made by the Artist;

NOW, WHEREFORE, in consideration of the promises, covenants and agreements herein
contained, the parties agree as follows.

1. Services
(a) Producer hereby agrees during the Term to provide his services on a non-
exclusive basis to the Company, to devote an amount of his time and attention to the Company.s
business as necessary to complete his services therefore, and to perform certain functions as set
forth herein or as may be reasonably requested by the Company from time to time on a first priority
basis. As part of the services to be provided Company hereby engage you to produce one (1)
master recording tentatively entitled .Beats 276., (the .Master.) embodying the performances of
Carl Terrell Mitchell p/k/a .Twista. (.Artist.) intended initially (among other exploitations) for
inclusion on Twist.s album (the .Album.) to be delivered to Get Money Gang Records
(.Company.) for manufacture and distribution of phonograph records and other uses of the
Masters. You accept such engagement and agree to render such non-exclusive production services
for Company during the term hereof upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth. (You are
sometimes referred to herein as .Producer. and all references to .Producer., .You and Producer.
and the like will be deemed to refer to you).
(b) The term of this Agreement (the "Term") shall commence upon the date
hereof and shall continue until you and Producer have fulfilled all of your obligations hereunder (the
2. Recording Procedure .
(a) The times and places of all recording sessions produced hereunder, the
selections to be recorded at such recording sessions, the accompanying artists (vocal and
instrumental) to perform at such recording sessions and the other creative and technical personnel
to be utilized shall be mutually designated by you and us. Company shall have the right and
opportunity to have its representatives attend each recording and mixing session at Company and
non- recoupable expense.
GMG Entertainment .w- Doc Savage t/p Twista Final #000189 07/10/08


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