Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Irv Gotti Keeping It.....REAL.

Hey wussup folks, this is blackbox here. I was at the office and browsing for some watching material, and I stumbled on to this from MTV with him discussing the claim that Eminem was the greatest rapper alive...I kind of used to think of Irv Gotti as a questionable character; however, I must say that his analysis of Eminem...brings up VERY VERY good points...PROPS.

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  1. haha ay yo that is some real talk right there. and a valid reason for gotti to rank eminem lower than his (his.... his) number one. but by the same token i was having a similar convo with a friend the other day and maybe that is exactly what makes him the best. lets look at this for a second with no disrespect to anyone:

    kobe likely rapped that white girl, but he is the best, we basically forgot now...

    jordan sucked horribly at baseball.....can some one say best?

    realistically, mike jackson (i wont even bring up the kids) sounded crazy on tracks... pay attention to his adlibs(were those ad libs) in many songs there is "ahh" and "uh" repeatedly throughout his songs. its like a cough/sigh but we all love it! it made him him.

    jay z got ate on his own track by eminem. nas aired him out for it....but oops... forgot that.

    50cent has been singing on tracks and now every other rapper does except a few. yet ja rule had a hip hop excercism performed on him for it just because he was too ahead of his time.... and 50 supposedly snitched on murder inc. causeing the real down fall of the entertainment group....lemme guess? but he got money huh? he make we forget...

    at the end of the day, i feel like getti is simply saying that what eminem does is not valid rap in his eyes. which I feel in some ways but in reality this is what the OG'S are saying about jay z and the rest of the gang. they just talk about their chains rims drugs and women. not real rap because rap had a message and rap addressed emotions or was activisim.
    i say. call it for yourself. the word best is subjective anyway.