Friday, April 10, 2009

BOW! Got An Update...I've Been Holding It...But It's TIME!

Wuddup! This is blackbox. I was at beatman's crib and I went outside to play a slap I made at the crib in my ladies whipper...she bought me a salad *awww*...I know...I know :).

ANYWAY...This Is The Thing...

I've been looking all over twitter to find a connect for Young Joc...I'm sure if he has one, on twitter, it isin't legit (got a lot of wannabe's on there), but I have this track, and we are pretty confident that if he heard it, it would be a winner...foreal. They say that there is power in numbers, so I am going to post this video up...showing the track...and I'ma promote my ass off and see if this 7 degrees of seperation is legit! If anyone knows anything hit me on my twitter or damn it shoot me a line on my email at! Help us out!!!!!!!!

It's be crazy as hell if this happen's to run into him...ay...its 2009...let's see what the internet is all about!

-Ttysoon folks
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